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Under the agreement signed in May 2013 Dr. Ken-ichiro Ota, Green Hydrogen Reserch Center member, linked to Yokohama National University and the President of Great Spirit Co, Mr Minoru Yokoyama, both members of HESS, held a meeting with engineer Ismael Retuerto, director of NRG PATAGONIA.

During the meeting a site assessment report was delivered, the report was based on wind measurements from El Tordillo área made over the past two years. That information was collected by NRG PATAGONIA from the measurement tower located on site. The report issued by Japanese professional corresponds to an year and a half of measurements, and its objective  is to progress in the the assessment program production possibilities in Patagonia hydrogen from wind energy in medium term.

HESS is bound to develop and evaluate hydrogen production globally from various sources in order to constitute an economically and environmentally sustainable fuel to be used in Japan and other countries later on. Hydrogen sources investigated are coal, natural gas and generation by electrolysis of water from electricity from wind power. In the sites evaluation of major feasibility of wind energy production in large powers, Japanese researchers consider the Patagonia as a particularly suitable area. For the measurements of ultrasonic anemometers used long term to achieve a better understanding of the variation of the wind resource over time.

NRG Patagonia, argentinean turbine manufacturer, which has a working model suitable for these areas, and HESS, continue supplementing their activities with readings in the area of Pampa del Castillo, close to El Tordillo, both located west of Comodoro Rivadavia, areas characterized by harsh winds conditions with high energy content.

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